2018 Upcoming Releases

We love new releases here at Love My Reads! Almost nothing is more exciting than release day of our favorite authors. Check out our list of upcoming releases! Some dates are tentative and we try to mention those!


Feb 1st – Southern Hearts by Jeannette Winters

Feb 1st – My Valentine by Jaimie Roberts

Feb 6th – Body and Soul by Lucy Lennox & Sloane Kennedy

Feb 12th – Forget Me Not by Brooke Blaine

Feb 14th – The Villain by Victoria Vale

Feb 23rd – The Time of My Life by Nora Phoenix

Feb 23rd – Unraveled by K.M. Neuhold

Feb 26th – Remember Me When by Brooke Blaine


Mar 1st – Sanctuary Found by Sloane Kennedy (tentative)

Mar 2nd – My Heart My Home by Taylor Rylan

Mar 8th – Confessions: Robbie by Ella Frank

Mar 21st – The Dove by Victoria Vale

Mar 26th – Avalanche by Cambria Hebert

Mar 27th – Wilde Fire by Lucy Lennox

Mar 30th – Lord of Temptation by Erica Ridley


Apr 1st – Startup Fiancé by Shilpa Mudiganti

Apr 6th – Inked In Vegas by K.M. Neuhold

Apr 9th – March in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

Apr 10th – Misadventures of a Rookie by Toni Aleo

Apr 10th – Cyborg Fever by Grace Goodwin

Apr 11th – The Men of Laguna Box Set by Kim Karr

Apr 13th – Alpha’s Sacrifice by Nora Phoenix

Apr 17th – Only Need You by JD Chambers

Apr 17th – Liv by Kelsie Rae

Apr 17th – Psychopath’s Prey by V.F. Mason

Apr 17th – Regretfully Yours by Sunniva Dee

Apr 18th – The Theory of Unrequited by Len Webster

Apr 19th – Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor

Apr 19th – Hitched by Vanessa Vale

Apr 20th – Conquered by Sara Fields

Apr 23rd – Evolved by N.R. Walker

Apr 24th – Naughty Desires by Sarah Castille

Apr 24th – Love in Spades by Charlie Cochet

Apr 25th – Only the Beginning by Daphne Dubois

Apr 26th – Lost Until You by Kimberly Daniels

Apr 27th – Shutdown Player by Jami Davenport

Apr 28th – Tank by K.M. Neuhold & Nora Phoenix

Apr 30th – Sombra by Leslie McAdam

Apr 30th – Cheeky King by Nana Malone


May 2nd – Waking to Black by V.H. Luis

May 2nd – Unforgettable by Eva Charles

Mary 2nd – Hotel O by Clarissa Wild

May 3rd – Defying the General by Maddie Taylor

May 4th – This Time Around by Aimee Nicole Walker

May 4th – Unbroken by Sloane Kennedy

May 7th – Deleted: Jackson and Maggie by Tess Thompson

May 8th – His Beauty by Sofia Tate

May 8th – In Shining Armor by Blair Babylon

May 8th – Alpha’s War by Renee Rose & Lee Savino

May 8th – Little by J.M. Dabney

May 14th – Three Day Fiancée by Marissa Clarke

May 15th – Forged in Ember by Trish McCallan

May 15th – Merciless by Willow Winters

May 15th – Breath of Deceit by Selena Laurence

May 15th – Naughty Wishes by Sarah Castille

May 15th – Unbreakable Bond by Jess Bryant

May 18th – Carry And Drag by Michelle Frost

May 18th – Trickster’s Hunt by Carrie Whitethorne & Kel Carpenter

May 20th – Face the Music by K.M. Neuhold

May 22nd – Hard Love by Shanna Vanterpool

May 22nd – Legacy of Successsion by Anna Edwards

May 22nd – Firsts by C.L. Matthews

May 23rd – DarkWeb by Talia Vines

May 24th – Ride with the Seal by Leslie North

May 24th – Celebrity by Sienna Snow

May 24th – If You Say So by Teagan Hunter

May 24th – Your Rhythm by Katia Rose

May 26th – Alpha’s Submission by Nora Phoenix

May 29th – Blind Trust by Lynda Aicher

May 29th –  Dating Rules by Keeley Holmes

May 29th – Dares, Lies, & Geminis by Katharine Alexander

May 29th – Sins by M. Malone & Nana Malone

May 29th – Arabella’s Taming by Golden Angel

May 30th – The Boyfriend Experience by J.A. Huss

May 31st – Often by Danielle Norman

May 31st – Tied Up in Steele by Annabella Stone

Date Unknown – Title TBA by Nora Phoenix

Date Unknown – Teaching Trust by ‎Brittany Cournoyer

Date Unknown – BFF Claimed by Devon McCormack


Jun 4th – Confessions: Julien by Ella Frank

Jun 6th – Magic Born by Rayanne Haines


Jul 6 – Aint’ Doin’ It by Lani Lynn Vale

Jul 17th – Dare Me Once by Shelly Alexander

Jul 20th – Secret Burdens by Suzanna J. Linton


Date Unknown – Love and Pain by Charlie Cochet

Date Unknown – Club Chrome Series Book 1 by Geri Glenn

Spring Releases

Clutch by Lisa Becker

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