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Hi! We are hard at work here at Love My Reads. We’re getting the site content flushed out including our first reviews. We are looking forward to working on more reviews and with authors in the future through our services. In addition to reviews, we also do the following:

  • Proofreading – We check books for any spelling and/or grammar errors that exist.
  • Custom Book Covers – We design book covers for upcoming releases.
  • Pre-made Book Covers – We make book covers in general to sell. Once a cover is purchased, it is removed from our product line.

How Our Reviews Work

In general, we only publicly post 3-star reviews and higher. If a book is 2-stars or lower, we will reach out to the author to request right to publish. We do this because we would rather the author have the choice and to allow the author to receive feedback on their book. This feedback can be helpful in future books as it can help the authors to overcome any issues published books have.

While all reviews are our own thoughts and ideas, not all books will have been purchased by us. If books are sent to us for free to review, this will be notated at the beginning of the review. If there is no notation, then we purchased the book.

What’s To Come in the Future

In a few months, we will be adding book formatting to our lists of features. By March, we will be adding our Podcast which will be accessible in a variety of ways so be sure to be on the look out for that.

We do intend on having more reviewers on staff. If you are interested, please use our contact form. Please keep in mind that we are currently unable to pay for articles written. This will change hopefully later this year.

We also have a group on Facebook if you’d like to come interact with us as we read and hangout.

About Jacy Braegan

Jacy Braegan is an upcoming romance author and site manager of Love My Reads.

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