No Shame by Nora Phoenix Brings the Heat

No Shame had me riveted to my seat. I did not want to put the final of this 4-book series down until I finished. Seriously, my family had frozen pizza for supper so I could read while cooking. I love how Nora Phoenix takes people like you and me with real-life problems and gives them such vivid life. She truly shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes despite physical or mental issues..or sexual kinks.

No Shame is not a stand-alone novel so be sure to start out with the first book, No Filter. If you don’t, you won’t really get a lot of references and might be lost when it comes to back stories and overall plot. You won’t regret starting at the beginning, that I promise you. The three main characters in No Shame are all introduced in the previous book, No Fear. This gives readers a bit of background starting out.

No Shame brings the heat right out out of the gate when we meet Brad and Miles. From the first word, we go on a roller coaster ride of pure emotion that brings us to a spectacular finish. We are introduced to all sorts of ideas we may not have known had existed. I did not know that Miles’ condition was real. Brad and Miles alone are hot enough to scorch the sheets. The addition of sweet and bossy Charlie is just the icing on the cake and really set the tone for the relationship.

Meeting all the men of the entire No Shame series has been awesome. Miles, Brad, and Charlie are no exception to the rule as they perfectly round out this crazy family to a tee. In the end, what Nora goes to show is that it doesn’t matter what holds us back, it’s that one can find love in spite of that who wants to help meet our needs in a partnership.

A Note About This Review

I had a hard time writing this review initially and it took me a few days to realize why. After finishing No Shame, I had originally felt that there was so much going on that I had trouble focusing on whose perspective I was reading. This isn’t a problem with the author or her writing, but one of my own making. In an epiphany, I realized that it wasn’t lack of focus that threw me off, it was my draw to one character and wanting to see his story that drew me in. It was Brad’s story that I wanted to know most.

I feel very emotionally connected to Brad because in a lot of ways, I am Brad. I know what it’s like to do it all and feel invisible, then to act out in defiance or neediness to prove I still exist and am still alive, that people can see me. It wasn’t until I realized this was why this book hit me so hard that I even saw that I experience a lot of the emotions Brad lived in the book. Talk about a huge emotion breakthrough! Thank you, Nora, for writing Brad’s story and helping me on my own journey of self-discovery.

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