Keeping 6 by Freya Barker is a Sweet, Intriguing Read

Freya Barker pulled me into the intriguing plot of Keeping 6 fairly early on. I do have to say that I kind of blame that on her main male character. Damian Gomez ticks all my boxes for a dominant alpha male that I enjoy so much. He’s an alpha male but has a sweet heart inside. It makes me just want to eat him up! Originally, I wasn’t a big fan of Kerry. She lacked backbone but as we got futher into the story, I saw that Freya had given her more strength which I enjoyed. I am not a fan of shrinking violets. I also love seeing characters grow and evolve.

I found myself wanting to just shake Kerry to pieces at several parts of the book, however. It was a frustration to watch her constantly running off when her strength was leave her. I adored Damian and just wanted to see her stop running scared and give into the attraction the two main characters shared. Damian’s heart of gold came out early on and I just wanted her to see that he was a much better man than the one who came before him.

Like when I read mysteries, I am always trying to figure out who is the villain that the author is alluding to. I wrote down who I thought were the villains of this piece mid-way through the book. Normally, I find that my opinion changes as twists happen to the plotline but I did not find that was the case here. Maybe my private investigator husband has rubbed off on me cause I found all these tiny clues that most readers might miss. Freya did do a good job hiding the identity of the mastermind behind the whole plot as a whole, but I found my instincts on the villains were spot on.

Keeping 6 is a sweet read. Intimate scenes were at a minimum and were kept brief by Freya mentioning the acts, but not going into great detail which kept this from being on the steamy end of the romance scale. Overall, I would read the book again and I enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: I was provided an ARC (advanced reader copy) in return for my review. All thoughts are my own opinion as I prefer to give honest reviews.

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