Cara Dee Brings Me to Tears with Auctioned

Check the floor. I’m probably still on it. Auctioned by Cara Dee knocked me out and to the ground. There is so much pain and emotion written into this book that I felt every last fear, every last bit of abuse, and every bit of their triumph by the end. I will warn you, please read the blurb of this book carefully as it talks about sex trafficking.

Each step of Gray’s journey that we took with him left me in tears. I could not imagine what someone in his position would ever go through. The character of Gray completely ripped my heart out of my chest. I wanted to just jump into the book and save him myself. I wanted to save all the guys that he’d run across or was trapped with.

Darius’ character really had me going though. Whatever Gray believed of the man was what I believed. I can’t tell you how many times I said “No, Cara didn’t do that!” It truly had me believing in the persona that Darius was playing instead of as being there as the savior.

Cara Dee did so well with the character and story development of Auctioned that it has made me a huge fan. When I got to the end of Auctioned, I kept trying to scroll for more because I wasn’t ready for it to be at an end. The whole book was an emotion roller coaster that I did not want to get off. I’m so ready for the next ride in Stranded.

Parts of Auctioned were hard for me to read on an emotional level. Even knowing that it’s fiction didn’t always register with my head. That is how vivid Cara Dee successfully described Gray’s story. I know when Stranded is about to come out, this will definitely be re-read.

Disclaimer: I was provided an ARC (advanced reader copy) in return for my review. All thoughts are my own opinion as I prefer to give honest reviews.

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